Today, I came across a YouTube video making it's rounds on the web that managed to do what few viral videos  do these days; actually make me laugh really, really hard.

The premise is simple: a guy creates a fake car seat out of cardboard and material, goes through numerous drive-thrus while appearing 'invisible' (I's hard to get a mental picture but after you watch the video, the concept makes total sense) and freaks out the fast food employees. Hilarity ensues.

The good stuff starts around 1:36 when a seemingly disgusted woman asks, 'Really?' to no one in particular ,before walking off with 'Are you serious?' Her inflection makes the scene so funny. Honorable mentions go to 'Instagram dat joint!' and, 'Oh snap! What just happened?'

I can say with utmost certainty that 43 of the four million+ views are mine.

Watch the video and enjoy. Then do me a favor and share your favorite funny videos with me in the comments below.

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