We have the video for you, below, in just a minute. In this case, the lady had a HORRIBLE first date, which included her date asking HER to pay for 100 tacos! 


According to the young lady at the center of this drama, she said the man started by asking her out to dinner. Fair enough. She thought he was cute. Good start huh? Yet,  after she arrived, her date said he'd lost his keys and asked her to drive. 


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This is starting to make me nervous. Ok, what happened next? Well, He gave her directions and they ended up at a Taco Bell in the drive-thru lane.


Yes, I said Taco Bell. Is that a sin that your date can not recover from? Why does the first date have to be a five star AAA rated fine dining establishment?


That's something that bothers me. Yes, I believe as the guy, I should pay on the first date. Isn't that the way most of us feel?


Why is that? Just because. That's how it is and we do not question it or know why. It's like the formula for buying an engagement ring developed BY A RETAILER SELLING DIAMONDS!


We don't question that one either, as far as I can tell.

In our horror story, he ordered 100 hard-shell tacos. That order was 100 HARD SHELL TACOS!

He then told her he couldn't find his wallet and she had to pay for the tacos!

At that point, she ended the date quickly and took the tacos that were left home.

NOW, here is the TikTok video from her perspective...

@elysemyersI haven’t been to a @tacobell since. #coffeetalk #theadhdway #firstdatefail #tacobell

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