Jake Owen is from Florida and he's wanting Tuscaloosa's help to bring back the sunshine!  Here's his words, his message to all his fans as Florida rebuilds. #WildBillShow

Text SUNSHINE to 20222 Y'all.... please help if you can. My HOME sunshine state of Florida has been hit hard by Hurricane Irma and we all can help. Thanks to Governor Rick Scott, he is on board to help us with a campaign called "Bring Back The Sunshine." For a ONE TIME, never bother you again, $10 fee, we can help rebuild the state of Florida, one donation at a time. Please text the word SUNSHINE to 2022 for your $10 donation. All of your money goes DIRECTLY to the people that need it most. Florida thrives on tourism and people visiting our state. We aren't just rebuilding homes. Together we are rebuilding jobs, schools, infrastructure,... we are rebuilding LIVES. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. I love you guys and I believe in the power of positivity and the values this country was founded on. Helping one another. The American Dream. FLORIDA DISASTER FUND WWW.FLORIDADISASTERFUND.ORG


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