Alabama is no stranger to animal encounters.

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There is no telling what animals you'll see not just in the wild but even in your neighborhood.

In Pinson, there were sightings of someone's escaped pet monkey seen wearing yellow pants.

@ClnewmanXCV via Twitter
@ClnewmanXCV via Twitter

According to this article, the monkey's name is Cookie. The owner was changing Cookie’s clothes when the monkey got loose wearing yellow pants and dragging a leash.

White-throated capuchin monkey (Cebus capucinus), close-up
Ryan McVay

Even scarier, large coyotes were spotted roaming in Alabama and said to have been causing havoc. 

Harry Collins


The latest animal encounter in Alabama just happened to be so huge, it set a record!

Have you ever seen a fish over 700 pounds?

Shocked and surprised boy on the internet with laptop computer

Recently, a fishing team in the Orange Beach Billfish Classic fishing tournament reeled in the biggest fish in tournament history about 250 miles off shore.

Could you imagine reeling in a fish that put up a four and a half hour fight?

That's exactly how long it took this team to get this fish into the boat that ended up weighing a whopping 776 pounds and measured in at 10 feet long according to Yahoo News. 


Talk about a monster fish. Wow!

Yahoo News says that the winning 776-pound fish cashed in a prize of $183,000, and the fish will be donated to area food banks and other organizations.

The Orange Beach Billfish Classic ended up having a few other monster fish in the tournament this year.


The second place fish weighed in at 548 pounds and the third place fish weighed 528 pounds.

You can see the full results of the Orange Beach Billfish Classic by clicking here. 

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