For all the talk about how down of a year this season has been for the Alabama softball program, the team is still very well-regarded across the country, as evidenced by its still strong D1 Softball poll ranking.

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The Crimson Tide rose two spots, from 15 to 13, in this week's poll.

Despite this season not living up tot the expectations this program has come to set for itself, mainly in the batter's box, Team 27 should be given a lot of credit for what it has accomplished. It played a very close and competitive game with UCLA, the No. 2 team with just four losses, and own one of just five losses No. 3 Tennessee has been dealt this season.

They also beat No. 5 Florida State in Clearwater, Fla. early in the season.

In all, the Tide have played three top-10 teams and six top-25. The only one of those teams they don't have at least one win against is powerhouse UCLA. If the bats can come alive, this team plainly has what it takes to succeed in the postseason.

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