Ever wondered what Nick and Terry Saban's new home in Jupiter, FL looks like? Wonder no more:

The Sabans are currently at that luxury home for the next month. Doing what, you may ask?

Well as late comedian Jerry Clower used to say, "Chillin' like a villain at a rat-killin.'"

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Saban is golfing to be sure, but he doesn't have his personal golf coach Jay Seawell or his puttng ocach Nick Dunlap with him. Not even his favorite playing partner, Justin Thomas. Those three are still working.

Sure, Saban will eventually ease into his office at Bryant-Denny Stadium and begin helping Alabama athletics fund raise. Who's going to turn Nick Saban down? The Crimson Tide's NIL coffers should fill accordingly, but first we must allow the coach to enjoy his vacay time.

And why the new place in Jupiter, you may ask? Why not the nice house on Lake Burton in the North Georgia mountains?

Here's a hint. When Saban's players used to ask him about retirement, his response was along these lines: "What would I do? Go to the lake and watch the ducks [poop] the yard?"

Saban used a stronger word than "poop," but you get the picture. Plus, golf courses don't stink unless you detest the smell of a good cigar.

Well, that's a nice option, but golf trumps duck poop viewing to Saban, and who can judge him for that?

No one. He's earned as long a vacation as he and the Mrs. would like. That new BDS office will still be there when the Sabans decide to return to Tuscaloosa sometime in February.

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