JC Latham is an anchor of the 2023 Alabama offensive line. He spoke earlier this week to the media and was queried on a number of topics, including what pro tackles he watches and patterns his game after.

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“There’s two guys that I really like to watch, Lane Johnson and Trent Williams,” Latham said. Johnson is the right tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles. which is the position Latham plays for the Crimson Tide. “Lane, he knows what to do and he’ll do it at a consistent level every single play,” Latham said, and that's what Nick Saban, Tommy Rees and o-line coach Eric Wolford want from Latham.

Williams does not play right tackle but plays on the left side of the line for the 49ers. Many expected Latham to move to left tackle this season but that move never materialized.

Still, Latham sees things he likes. "Trent [Williams], he plays with a swagger in how he likes to get things done,” Latham observed, "so I like a lot of that side of Trent.”

Latham tries to learn different nuances of the game from both players.

“Both guys play two different types of styles of football," he said, "but they both play it at the highest level and they’re both probably the best at their positions at their respective spots.”

Speaking of left tackles Latham was asked what he's seen improvement-wise from Alabama starter Kadyn Proctor and his backup, Elijah Pritchett.

USA Today | Mark J. Rebilas
USA Today | Mark J. Rebilas

"I see a lot of great things out of them. I see areas they can improve in, but we all have areas we can improve in. Both of them are young. They both continue to work hard, and I feel they both can do what they have to do."

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