On the improved pass rush since the Texas game

"We look at each game as a lesson. Hopefully no more lessons to be learned this season [in losses]. We're becoming a more dominant defense by looking at every little thing like pass rush and stopping the run. Just trying to get better.

"That's something I feel lke we showed Saturday.

"If we can get the quarterback off his original plan of where he wants to throw and create pressure, we make it easier for the guys on the back end.

"In the same way, when they cover great, we can get sacks."

On Chris Braswell's open field speed

"It's a little different because he's not truly a big guy. He's an outside linebacker. If it was somebody like... me that did that I think some of you guys would be a lot more complimenting.

"Back-to-back weeks [Braswell] made two incredible plays. Just the ability to block the field goal and run it back is awesome. I'm proud of him."

On what DC Kevin Steele has instilled in the defense

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"I think Coach Steele came in knowing what to expect and how things are here. We have been receptive to everything the coaches have been telling us. It's just been great.

"I feel like when you see us on Saturday you see all the things come together."

On the improvement of Tim Keenan

"He's a big guy that can stop the run. He's a great guy.  He always has great energy every day. I'm very proud to see how far he's come to play significant snaps and really help this team. We trust him.

"Having somebody that can push the pocket and take on double teams. Somebody tha has that grit and determination. He makes he d-line better. He's been a tremendous bright spot in that room."

On tackling a big QB like Arkansas starter KJ Jefferson

"It always comes back to not rushing past the quarterback and having great gap integrity. Also having a defensive plan on if they run read option, somebody has the quarterback. The defensive end has to sit and make the quarterback make a decision. If he keeps it, that's your priority.

"It's being on teh same page and making sure everybody does it, one to eleven. We'll be successful if everybody does just that."


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