Paramount has announced an upcoming sequel to Yellowstone, and now an inside source is confirming some of the details about the new show.

Yellowstone is coming to an end after the second half of Season 5, which is set to go into production in the late Spring of 2024. The new episodes will begin airing in November of 2024, and the smash hit modern-day Western is slated to end after those episodes. Longtime series star Kevin Costner is departing the show after a scheduling dispute with producers, and his character of John Dutton will reportedly die early in the second half of Season 5.

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Paramount has also announced two upcoming new shows as part of the Yellowstone franchise: a prequel titled 1944 and another show titled 2024. That news comes months after Paramount announced in May that a Yellowstone sequel would follow on the heels of Yellowstone's end, with Matthew McConaughey reportedly in talks to headline the new show.

It's not clear if 2024 is that show or not, but "an individual with knowledge of the series" tells Variety that 2024 will center around new cast members and new locations, while some characters from Yellowstone will cross over. That lines up with previous reports about a sequel, but it also raises new questions about another reported show in the Yellowstone universe, 6666, which many media outlets and fans had speculated might be the new sequel starring McConaughey.

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There's plenty to tide fans over while they're waiting for a new Yellowstone fix. The show is currently airing from the start on CBS in episodes edited for network television, and Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan has recently launched a new show, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, via streaming on Paramount+.

Check out Taste of Country's Dutton Rules podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify for ongoing coverage of Yellowstone and all of its related shows.

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Yellowstone star Kevin Costner lives the ranch life when he's off the set of the hit show, too. The Oscar-winning actor owns a 160-acre ranch in Aspen, Colo., that's a spectacular getaway, complete with a main residence, a lake house and a river house.

The luxury retreat also features a baseball field, a sledding hill, an ice rink, multiple hot tubs and views of the Continental Divide. The ranch property comfortably sleeps 27 people, and it's currently available to rent for 36,000 a night.

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