Last year, my ex and I broke up right after the LSU game. Then she blocked me.

Just to clarify, the photo used above is not us.

Blocking someone after a relationship is probably the best thing to do. I mean, why put yourself through that? I don't ever go to her page and I don't create fake profiles so I can scope out what she's doing. What good could possibly come from keeping up with an ex?

As the great Bernard P. Fyffe once said about women: "They're heartache. Nothing but heartache." I don't want to know what they are up to. It might make me sad.

So I have been going about my outrageously mediocre life for the last year or so not hearing from her, not seeing her, but today in my Facebook memories, a picture of us popped up.

It was from her page. She had unblocked me and I was seeing a post she had tagged me in.

This was weird. Why did SHE unblock me? I had to investigate.

So, I did the unthinkable. I clicked on her profile.

My heart was beating a mile a minute. Would I see a picture of her and another dude? Would I see something that might bum me out?

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Nope. Just a few posts and a couple of old pictures of us.

So that begs the question: WHY had she unblocked me? What did it all mean? Was she, in some way, trying to reach out to me?

The could be true.

But, I will never know...because I blocked her.

Have you ever stalked your ex online?? Let me know in our app chat.

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