Throughout Herb Jones' career at Alabama he has done a spectacular job of leading his teammates on and off the court. He is respected and highly valued among his teammates and coaches here at the University of Alabama. Due to his recent back injury that occurred near the beginning of January, he has not been able to perform at his full potential. Despite his injuries, Jones continues to lead the Tide with a great amount of composure as he moves forward in his recover process.

Senior forward, Alex Reese has also been battling an injury of his own. He tweaked his leg in one of the first few games of the season, causing him pain while he's on the court. Reese explains that the determination of Jones has kept him motivated throughout his recovery.

“Obviously y’all know what Herb does for us,” Reese said. “Y’all know how important he is for us defensively and taking care of the ball on offense and to run offense for us — making all the loose ball plays, the hard hat plays — all that type of stuff so y’all know how he is for that. To see him battle through that is inspiring. It makes me go, it makes me keep playing because none of my injuries have been that significant, so it really just pushes me — it pushes us — to play harder for him and for the team.”

In his interview prior to the upcoming Vanderbilt matchup, Jones tells reporters that since his injury, he has barely been able to practice causing him to feel stiff and rusty. "I would say that I'm about 70% right now," says Jones.

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