Food trucks were on the Northport City Council agenda last night and the controversy surrounding their operation in the city continues to grow.

Over 1300 people attended the first ever Trucks by the Tracks event in historic downtown Northport but City Cafe owner Jeanie Brown thinks food truck vendors are getting a 'free ride'.

Brown claims she was excluded from discussions prior to the event which had a negative impact on her business and parking.

“Someone should have notified each individual that’s on that historic Main Avenue," Brown told WBRC. “When you allow someone to come in that doesn’t contribute to that, they’re just getting a free ride and I don’t think that’s what we need to make Northport be a stronger business.'

Brown complained that the food trucks were operating without proper permits but vendors said they purchased business licenses.

Food truck operator Julia Sosa also argued that attendees of the event actually parked by the tracks. “It was well received. People were happy,' Sosa said.

City Council President Jay Logan said he understands the concerns and suggested the city is already looking at ways to everyone happy. 'I think we’ve got a good idea moving forward how to make it better to include all of our businesses.'

No word on future scheduled food truck events.


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