Call me crazy, but I think i saw just saw what looked to be an 81 year old Elvis Presley at Northport Walmart.  He looked very similar to the Elvis pictured above and he was wearing a Gordo Greenware t-shirt.  The man I saw was buying an anniversary cake, loaf bread, and lots of bananas. I was behind him in line and followed him to the parking lot. He was driving an old El Camino and had a hound dog in the cab of the truck that he left running and the AC wide open. I walked up to this 1970's Chevy Car/Truck and we made eye contact for a brief moment. The man gave me a smile that simply said, "I am the king" and then he dropped the shifter in drive and drove away. I watched him turn right on Hwy 82, headed towards Pickens County!

Elvis Presley passed away 39 years ago today, but his legacy lives on and perhaps his life too?  Today's Wild Bill Show features Elvis and we will hear from his personal chef, Mary Jenkins Langston about his 8,000 calorie meals that may have contributed to his poor health.

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