I would defiantly consider myself a Do-It-Yourself-er. I must admit that I start and never finish more projects that I actually complete. I enjoy fixing most anything. My son knows at the tender age of three that Daddy can fix anything. I have glued, stapled, taped and reshaped everything from Tinker Toys to plastic Legos for him.

My wife takes advantage of my desire to fix things as well. The photo attached here is her Bible with the spine being held in place with Gorilla Glue, boards and Vice-Grips. She was skeptical but it worked. I fixed the torn and broken spine. I have a goal to build her a picnic table for the deck before spring.

I have gathered the wood I need (all salvaged wood for that rustic look). And to motivate my self, I plan on doing a little DYI project right here on 953 The Bear dot com. I'll post pics, and progress reports and maybe give you a little inspiration to try a project this Spring or Summer. Until I  start on that, I've got a Hot Wheels car that needs a fix. More to come.