Do you know a Tuscaloosa guy that in an unguarded moment confessed to taking an Uber from Nashville to Tuscaloosa?
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Whiskey Riff, an on-line site, calls itself “the unfiltered voice of real country funny...we sift through the world’s BS and RIFF on what country’s really about”.

The Riff recently solicited wild Nashville stories.

The story of a Bama grad now living in Tuscaloosa caught our eye. Now we’re in search of that up until now anonymous guy. Does this story from sound familiar?
“This story is from a few weeks ago. A bunch of us went to Nashville for a bachelor party for one of my best friends. We are all Alabama grads. Roll tide! I live in Tuscaloosa, but most of the other guys have moved away so it was pretty much a college reunion. We hit the bars in downtown Nashville early and we hit them hard, and pretty soon every drink was basically just a double shot of whiskey. We were ripping shots and also shooting our shots with every bachelorette party we met, and there were a ton of them. It wasn't even that late on the first night we were there. After drinking the whole day we ended up at Kid Rick’s bar.  More shots, more beers, and somehow in my blackout state, the beer I was holding slipped out of my hand as I was leaning over the railing of the second floor. Well, we obviously got kicked out pretty quick. And I decided that I'm just going to call it a night and head back to the Airbnb. I was already pretty drunk at that point. Anyway, it was probably for the best. Except somehow in my drunken state, when I call the Uber, instead of putting in the address for the hotel I just clicked home. I guess I thought the Airbnb was home for the weekend. You can probably see where this is going. I stumbled around finally meeting up with the Uber. I  pass out pretty much as soon as I get in the car. When I finally wake up, I realized that I'm not at the Airbnb. I'm in Tuscaloosa at my home! At this point the bachelor party weekend is already over. I'm in my bed at home, wake up the next morning, only to realize that the Uber ride from Nashville to Tuscaloosa cost me $1,200”.

Who knows if the story from the “Bama grad now living in Tuscaloosa” is true. If it is true we would certainly like to meet this guy.

If you’re the anonymous midnight Uber rider now living in Tuscaloosa please contact us. We want to buy you a beer. And a ride home.
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