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The Big Fashion Wardrobe
Ian Gavan

So we all remember Alabama beating Ohio State in the National Championship. It's a lovely memory that we can all cherish after how silly 2020 was. One of the best things about winning a championship is all the merch that comes out. They really do go all out in terms of design.

We discusses earlier this year about how I struggled to find a championship hat. However this won't be a story about how I struggled to find a hat, but instead of how much I just LOVE these next items that got released.

So with Alabama winning in Miami, there was only other way that we could really show off in style, and Alabama outdid themselves this year with: The Neon Collection.

I LOVE THESE ITEMS SO MUCH. The neon colors just work so well. I mean just look at all of the items! The second I saw them I knew I needed two things. A hat and a sweatshirt. And Momma and Poppa Paradise heard the call. They got both of the items that I wanted for my birthday, because my parents are just awesome in general.

Also they had me first so they're still trying to prove to me that I'm not the reason that they had two more kids to offset the trouble I caused but I digress.

These are the best championship items that UA has released in most recent memory. Not that championship gear has been bad by any means, but these are just fantastic! My wallet is already screaming at me to not buy more items...

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