Dierks Bentley closed out 2017 with special headlining sets in Las Vegas, and he played new music. His appearance at Sin City's Chelsea Theater was his first major show since September, and he was feeling nostalgic as he explained the meaning behind songs "Burning Man" and "Living."

Before "Burning Man," Bentley admitted that he has a terrible memory when it comes to remembering song lyrics. But, as he explained, his lyrics come from his heart and not his head. "I remember songs because I write pretty much all of my songs. They're not coming from here," he says in the clip above from the Dec. 16 show, pointing to his head. "They're come from my heart. All these lyrics are coming from inside of me. Thank God, because this thing, way too many Jägerbombs. There's not too much left up here. My heart still feels good."

On "Burning Man," Bentley sings of the struggles life can often bring: "Some days, I’m headed in the right direction / And some days I ain’t even close," he notes.

During the next show he performed "Living," which he dedicated to his hardcore fans. Once again, he told his audience that he's been focused on creating new music — his last album, Black, was released in 2016.

"My brain has been focused on writing songs, on recording songs — all new songs. There's about 50 new songs bouncing around in my head. There's so much excitement for me and the guys in the band," Bentley shares.

"When you live on the road, there's very few days you're living. Most of your time you crash in the hotel room. It's dark, it's lonesome, you're hungover. You're tired. You're missing stuff," he adds. We try to live every day. No matter what we do, we try to do something that makes us feel like we're living. That's how this song came about." Watch below.

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