Fairhope, Alabama is a beautiful town that is home to great art, impeccable views of Mobile Bay, quaint downtown, and enchanting landscapes. Now, it’s also home to a new reality show 'Love in Fairhope.'


This Hulu exclusive is a mix of reality and fantasy that just might be binge-worthy. There is love, regret, lust, second chances, mistakes, curiosity, heartbreak, and some really good-looking men.

The show centers around the lives of five women finding love in a small southern town produced by Reese Witherspoon. It truly feels like a country song just waiting to happen.

‘Love in Fairhope’ Cast




Mya Jo


No spoiler alert here but there are nine episodes laced with a bunch of “Bless Your Heart” energy. Overall, I enjoyed binge-watching this season of ‘Love in Fairhope.’ However, the narration of the show was a little hard to follow.

My favorite is Claiborne because of her realness about finding love and the challenges that come along with it while still in a “lost” state after the passing of her husband.

Send me a message on our app, and let me know if you’ve watched any episodes and your thoughts.

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