Craig Morgan is taking a different approach to touring with the American Stories Tour, which launches next month. The six-city tour will include Third Day frontnman Mac Powell, as well as military heroes, veterans and other special guests to help celebrate American values through music and storytelling.

"Country music is all about storytelling and that's the idea behind these shows," Morgan says in a press release. "Me and Mac and some of our friends will share the songs and stories that move us and inspire us as Americans all while we celebrate the values of this great nation we call home."

In a video interview with the Grand Ole Opry, Morgan explains that the tour isn't solely about the music — it's also about the stories. Each night after he plays a 30-minute set, he'll stop to bring out a guest.

"It's going to be different than anything anybody else is doing and it's different than anything I've ever done before," he shares. "This tour is not just the music, there's a whole lot more to us and to me in particular than just the music and I'm sharing that with this tour and I'm bringing some guests with me."

He adds that each show will include bringing a military hero onstage with him, and they will sit and tell stories and sing songs for the audience.

"For me, there's nothing more special than sitting and listening to someone just sit there with a guitar or behind the piano and just sing and play a song," he concedes. "It's really going to be about the music and the stories."

Craig Morgan's American Stories Tour Dates:

Oct. 29 - Peoria, Ill. @ Limelight
Nov. 10 - Washington, D.C. @ Warner Theatre
Nov. 11 - Roanoke, Va. @ Berglund Center
Nov. 17 - Manitowoc, Wisc. @ Capitol Civic Center
Nov. 18 - Milwaukee, Wisc. @ Northern Lights Theatre
Nov. 19 - Warsaw, Ind. @ Wagon Wheel Theatre

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