A Cottondale home was broken into twice in just one day--and I know, because it was my house. 

My home was robbed yesterday, and I am devastated. I've never been the victim of a home invasion before--much less two in a single day.

I came home yesterday for lunch to find my house in complete disarray. Closets had been ransacked, dresser drawers had been removed and emptied, our mementos tossed on the floor as if they were trash.

The lowlife who did this took all my jewelry. I had rings and bracelets that belonged to my late great grandmothers, and now they're gone. The creep stole our tablets, chargers, guitars--I just can't wrap my mind around it.

This piece of you-know-what even emptied my four-year-old daughter's piggybank.

I won't give a ton more details, as it's an active investigation--but the suspect left something in our home and returned later in an attempt to retrieve it, kicking in doors and breaking locks. I didn't have our security system on the first time, but after the initial robbery, we made sure we placed our Xfinity Home Security system on high alert. When the robber came back, he tripped the alarm--and before we could get back to the house, authorities were already on the scene.

I've never felt so awful. Knowing someone has been in my home, violated my safety and security--it's so unnerving. I had to console my daughter last night as she cried, afraid the "bad man" would come back again. I agree with her--I'm terrified this person will return.

I have to commend the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's department for their rapid response. They were so thorough and kind, and it's so reassuring to know that they're looking out for us. I'm confident they'll arrest the P.O.S. who did this, and I can't wait to see him behind bars.

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