Cole Swindell had a tough job over the weekend, judging the 2017 Miss America competition. But while there were plenty of women who could have caught his eye, one special little girl managed to leave a lasting mark on the singer.

On Sunday (Sept. 11), Swindell was in Atlantic City, N.J., to judge the competition when he met a young fan on the red carpet who wanted to show off her singing talent. When asked what song she was going to sing, the girl told him she was prepared to do "Middle of a Memory," much to Swindell's excitement.

"That's my new one! You know that one?" he said, fully surprised.

She did, and as she sang the chorus word for word, Swindell danced along and even joined in at the end. A night Swindell will never forget, he said his young fan will remain a lasting memory.

“This is a great memory! Thank you so much. This made my whole night,” he told her after a big hug. “You're my Miss America.”

Swindell was a celebrity guest judge at the 2017 Miss America pageant, where Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields was crowned. In an interview with Taste of Country before the event, the singer admitted he was nervous and asked friend and last year's judge, Brett Eldredge, for some advice.

“The only thing he said was to practice my poker face,” Swindell admits, “because you’ve got these beautiful girls walking straight at you and can’t let ‘em know ‘Oh my God! You’re hot!’”

Swindell added that his vote would go to someone who is looking to make the world a better place and says that he values honesty and a genuine personality in a contestant above all else.

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