Tuscaloosa City and County residents and businesses can now drop off glass bottles and jars at eight newly placed glass drop-off containers.

The containers are at the following locations:

  • City of Tuscaloosa Environmental Services Department, 3440 Kauloosa Ave.
  • Munny Sokol Park, 5901 Watermelon Road
  • University of Alabama, 1115 14th St.
  • Kmart, 635 Skyland Blvd.
  • University Church of Christ, 1200 Julia Tutwiler Drive
  • Tuscaloosa County High, 12500 Wildcat Drive, Northport
  • Bobby Miller Center, 352 Bobby Miller Parkway
  • Tuscaloosa Public Library, 1801 Jack Warner Parkway
  • McAbee Center, 3801 Loop Road

Last summer, Tuscaloosa began collecting glass at a single drop-off point at the Environmental Services Department. Since that time, over 80,000 pounds of glass have been dropped off for recycling and the City completed the installation of a glass pulverizer.

The newly-installed and operating pulverizer tumbles and crushes glass bottles and jars into mulch or sand. The City will use the mulch and sand in industrial applications like road bed projects, pipe insulation, building foundations, concrete additives, reflector paint and decorative flowerbed mulch. At this time, the City will not sell the product to the public.

Due to the safety and environmental hazards broken glass presents, glass will not be collected in the blue curbside recycling bins and may not be placed inside the blue drop-off recycling trailers.

The glass-only drop-off containers will have separate compartments for different glass colors, one each for clear, blue, green and brown. Lids, corks and labels can be left on bottles and jars, but the glass must be empty and relatively clean and dry.

Glass recycling includes household glass bottles and jars only. No light bulbs, auto glass, plate glass, mirrors, window glass or glass medical supplies will be accepted.

For more information about recycling call Tuscaloosa 311 at 205-248-5311 or click here.