Chris Young made the television debut of his new single "Sober Saturday Night" on Friday (June 10) on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, where his backing band included the Roots and Vince Gill.

Dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, Young began the aching ballad with light musical accompaniment from the Roots as Gill looked on all smiles with his electric guitar. As Young got to the chorus, Gill joined in on backing vocals for the poignant song about a guy trying to get over his ex.

The admiration between both Young and Gill of each other was apparent throughout their two-minute performance. During a short instrumental jam, Young watched intently as Gill captivated on electric guitar.

Fallon was also a fan, coming out to congratulate both Young and Gill, saying it was a "fantastic" performance.

"Sober Saturday Night" is the third single off Young's latest album, I'm Comin' Over. It follows two back-to-back No. 1 songs including the title track and “Think of You” with Cassadee Pope. Young co-wrote “Sober Saturday Night” with Brad Warren and Brett Warren and has shared his gratitude for his hero, Gill, to also star on the track.

While Gill is an inspiration for Young, it turns out that Young has influenced his duet partner, Pope. In an interview with Taste of Country, Pope says Young helped her decide to release "Summer" as her new single.

“The thing that [Young] reminded me the most of was just don’t worry about the message or the tempo. Just worry about what speaks to you the most and what you feel you should put out there,” Pope shares with Taste of Country. “So I let that piece of information decide the single for me and that’s how I landed on ‘Summer.'"

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