It's March once again, which means it's time for our listeners to help us find the greatest restaurant in the Tuscaloosa area during the sixth annual 2019 Munch Madness competition!

Munch Madness is an NCAA Tournament-style bracket challenge that pits the best eateries in and around Tuscaloosa against one another and your votes each round determine who comes out on top until a winner is ultimately crowned.

We know you love Chick-fil-A, Longhorn Steakhouse and even Waffle House, but this year we have endeavored to include local restaurants and exclude larger chains. There are a few exceptions, made primarily for chains that are well-established in town or whose presence helps to define the character and atmosphere of its area of Tuscaloosa. The lion's share of restaurants included in the bracket were nominated by listeners in the last two weeks.

As in years past, the 2019 Munch Madness bracket is divided into four regions: Crimson, White, Houndstooth, and Yellowhammer. Seeding was done randomly so as not to introduce staff bias into the competition.

Voting for restaurants in the Crimson Region begins tomorrow, March 12, at noon. During this first round, votes will be allowed for 24-hours before the polls close and we move on to the next region.

Remember, voting in Munch Madness is unlimited, so listeners can vote as often as they want until each round closes. The results of each contest will be publicly visible until the final round, when we'll keep the totals hidden until we announce the winner of the 2019 Munch Madness contest on the Steve Shannon Morning Show.

Here's the schedule for the first round of voting:

ROUND ONE VOTING: All polls open at noon and close 24 hours later.

  • Tuesday, March 12: Crimson Region
  • Wednesday, March 13: White Region
  • Thursday, March 14: Houndstooth Region
  • Friday, March 15: Yellowhammer Region

With all that rigmarole behind us, let's get down to it and reveal the 2019 Munch Madness bracket!

2019 Munch Madness Bracket Reveal

We wish the best of luck to all participants this year! Let's find out if anyone has what it takes to knock off our 2018 Champion, Pastor's Kitchen!

Editor's Note: At their request, Taco Casa has been removed from the 2019 Munch Madness bracket and replaced with Shark's Fish & Chicken in the Yellowhammer Region.

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