In life there are times when you have admit faults with yourself. This one is a small fault, but it's probably something I'll need to fix soon and fast if I want to learn how to cook better. Yes my loyal listeners, it's time to admit a fault that I'm scared to scare but must if I wish to move further with my cooking ability.

I absolutely have no clue to grill. Not at all.

When I was younger, I never really learned because of a multitude of reasons. Video games being the biggest, followed up by schoolwork. And of course, the biggest reason being laziness. Everybody who works with me can testify to me being lazy sometimes. But I digress.

As I continuously and rapidly approach 30 (which by the way, let's not focus on that for too long otherwise I might go crazy...) there's always room to get better in life. This is certainly one place I need to improve, because I'm currently hold a 0 in grilling ability.

So where do we go from here? I was obviously nervous to admit this is in a public position, but sometimes you have to humiliate yourself to get anywhere in life.

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So everybody, where do we go from here? Or what, should I say, grill first? Honestly I want to learn to grill a steak first since who doesn't love a good steak? Or would burgers you all see why I need help. Let's get to learning quickly, because summer is almost year-round in Alabama...

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