Alabama native, Bubba Wallace, has received incredible support from drivers and fans all across the country since a noose was found in his team's garage stall on Sunday.  According to ESPN, on Monday, just prior to the race at Talladega, all of the other drivers and their crews marched along pit road, pushing Wallace and his car out in front as a show of support.  An emotional Wallace emerged from his car in tears.

The King, Richard Petty, showed his support by standing next to Wallace during the national anthem.  I think maybe Dale Earnhardt Jr. said it best, as he tweeted "I don’t worry about our sport. I have confidence NASCAR’s leadership will find who did this and continue pushing us in the right direction. I do worry about Bubba. I hope Bubba is feeling loved and supported. Keep sending him that love and support. He needs it now more than ever."

Governor Kay Ivey released a statement regarding the situation at Talladega saying, "There is no place for this disgusting display of hatred in our state.  Bubba Wallace is one of us; he is a native of Mobile and on behalf of all Alabamians, I apologize to Bubba Wallace as well as to his family and friends for the hurt this has caused and regret the mark this leaves on our state."

The FBI is investigating the noose incident and will, hopefully, unveil the ignorant human that made a stupid decision.  A decision that reflects poorly on the race and the state of Alabama, in my opinion.  #WildBillShow

Wild Bill Show
Wild Bill Show

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