So once again we need to dump our spare change onto the kitchen table, living room floor, or any place you have the space to do so. With all these valuable coins circulating in Alabama, I may never again use my spare change to buy anything!

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Get those pennies separated and ready for inspection!! What are we looking for this time and how much is it worth? Well, we are searching for a 1983 penny.  What makes this penny so valuable? Two mistakes make this coin worth looking for.


Error number one is that this Lincoln is missing the mint mark.  What is the mint mark? A mint mark is a letter stamped on coins that lets us know where the coin was minted.  P means the coin was minted in Philadelphia, D indicates Denver, S is for San Francisco and W is for West Point.

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This coin has no mint mark!! No marking to indicate where it was minted. This adds value to this penny.  What else should we be looking for? Error number two is on the tail side of the penny.

Flip that Lincoln over and look at the wording “ONE CENT”.  Does the lettering have a 3-D effect? What is the 3-D effect and how does it happen? This happens when the coins are minted and they accidentally get stamped twice but not in the same location. This gives the lettering on the coin the 3-D effect.

If you happen to find a penny that is missing the mint mark and the 3-D effect, you just found a penny worth $7000!

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