Brad Paisley pinpointed in Franklin, Tenn., to film his "Heaven South" video, and he invited his fans to join in on the fun.

"Okay tomorrow at 5 in the Franklin TN town square, we are playing a song and shooting a video. I need country fans. You're all invited," Paisley wrote on Twitter last week (April 14). He has four million followers, so while it wasn't a surprise appearance, it was a little unexpected — an exciting.

Country fans showed up in droves to make their music video debuts as Paisley and his band rode through Franklin's town square for a short performance, a camera crew trailing them. The result, a four-minute clip, starts off with Paisley and his band atop a truck bed, driving through the farmland in Franklin as they sing "Heaven South." The song comes to life as images of the lyrics Paisley sings are shown on screen alongside beer-battered chicken and sweet iced tea.

A young boy is shown busking off Franklin's Main Street while girls look as they eat ice cream. "Down on Main Street and everybody's there," Paisley sings. Fans line the streets and wave to him as he passes by. The "Heaven South" video ends with a concert from the singer in the town square.

"Heaven South" is one of 16 new tracks featured on Paisley's new album Love and War, out Friday (April 21). The country singer collaborated with Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Mick Jagger and John Fogerty for the release, as well as Country Music Hall of Famers Bill Anderson and Johnny Cash. Paisley also worked with R&B artist-producer Timbaland.

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