One of life's little annoyances recently turned into a giant one for a poor hungry person.

That's because the victim -- and, yes, this person is most definitely a victim -- paid for three different snacks, only to have each one get stuck in the vending machine.

Two bags of chips and what appears to be a box of some sort of candy look like they attempted suicide, only to have a change of heart before their splattered guts landed on the ground below.

Can you imagine anything more frustrating than this? You don't get the food you long for as part of a much-needed pick-me-up and you're out a couple of singles, left with nothing but a scattered collection of nickels and dimes that you hope add up to enough to afford another snack that you pray will come out and perhaps even knock down the stuck items that started this whole mess.

It's a phenomenon documented to perfection in Seinfeld when George lost his cool trying to get a Twix bar. Happy snacking, everyone.

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