Everyone is feeling the sting of inflation, supply issues and a lack of prosperity. Budgeting and watch every penny in times like these is important. But, there are things we can all do to help save money that aren’t significant lifestyle changes.

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1. Automatic transfers

You can set up small automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account each month or each pay period. Doing this doesn’t require you to remember to transfer the money each month.

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2. Don't Buy Aimlessly!

Look through your fridge and cabinets and list what you need food wise. This tip keeps you from impulse shopping. Before going to the store, sign up for the store’s loyalty program via their website most times, this can get you an extra discount.

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3. Don't let a site save your address or credit card information when online shopping.

Let's be honest - we all love online shopping it's quick and easy, and the purchases can be there the next day. Since you will have to enter all your info every time, doing the extra work may keep you from purchasing as often.

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4. Switching your cellphone plan

Most companies offer promotional plans that may offer more services for less than you are paying now. Another way to save on your cellphone is removing the insurance on your phone, which could save you as much as $100 each year.


Find these and other money-saving tips at nerdwallet.com.

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