This Sunday, residents of Alabama will be able to enjoy an additional hour of sleep as we set our clocks back by one hour.


Daylight saving time will come to an end on Sunday, November 5th, at 2 a.m.

Most time-keeping devices, such as phones and computers, automatically synchronize with the adjusted time seamlessly. However, certain items such as car clocks, wall clocks, and oven clocks may require manual adjustment.

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Over the past five years, 19 states have taken action by passing laws or resolutions to implement year-round daylight-saving time. They have done so with the condition that Congress approves the change and, in certain instances, if neighboring states also adopt similar legislation, said the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Sunshine Protection Act of 2021

The summary of H.R. 69 from notes that “this bill makes daylight savings time the new, permanent standard time. States with areas exempt from daylight savings time may choose the standard time for those areas.”

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