It's March 23rd, and do you know what we celebrate today? Well, I’ll tell you…It’s World Bear Day!!!

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Every year on this day the world celebrates bears and why not enjoy their cuteness.  We have all seen the scary videos. Those videos instill fear of bears.

Storyful News
Storyful News

Now the video link below will have the moment of fear, but that fear will turn into a smile on your face. Scroll to the bottom to see this bear play the piano.

We have seen videos of trained bears, have you ever seen a wild bear playing the piano?

This bear would make Beethoven smile. This bear may have broken into this house but doesn’t go for the kitchen…instead, it makes its way to the family piano.

So are there videos out there of bears just being cute versus vicious? Once again the internet has not disappointed me. I love it when I can just smile, no matter what the day throws at me, a smile can change my mood.

So, not only do you get to see the musical talents of a wild bear, but you also get to see some bear videos that will make you smile.

Who doesn’t love a video of a bear waving at you, or a bear trying to figure out what a camera is, or a bear that unknowingly became a porch pirate…they all made me smile.

Finding scary bear videos is easy, they are wild creatures after all. Type the word bear into your search bar, and the first videos that you find are scary bear videos. Bear attacks do happen, but some videos show their playfulness.


Thankfully I came across the piano-playing grizzly. That fueled my quest and I had to share my findings with you.

So sit back and enjoy your dose of utter cuteness, because I know that once you see the videos you will not be disappointed.

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