It's that time of year when everything revolves around the holiday season. From decorating your Christmas tree and shopping for gifts to preparing a delightful holiday feast and embarking on festive travels, there's an abundance of activities to embrace.

If you have some spare time for a holiday road trip, consider visiting a unique town in Alabama. Country Living has recognized this charming town as one of the 30 Most Magical Christmas Towns in the U.S.

Now, Even the Scrooge Would Be Excited About This News

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Ranking #15 was Andalusia, Alabama

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Country Living said, “It doesn't get too cold in Andalusia, but that doesn't stop the town from turning into a winter wonderland. Every weekend in December, residents flock to Candyland, a kid-friendly event where children of all ages can ice-skate, visit the different holiday cottages, and meet Santa. The best part? Admission is free!”

According to the City of Andalusia, in honor of the 10th-year celebration, they acquired a towering Christmas tree that stands at 50 feet tall and has a base circumference 20 feet wider than its predecessor.

Additionally, they have incorporated new photo backgrounds and introduced C*A*N*D*Y*L*A*N*D signage, reminiscent of the iconic Hollywood sign. Visitors can now enjoy a larger cocoa ball pit and witness more snow than ever before.

Click here for more information about the City of Andalusia.

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