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We would all love finding out that we have a hidden fortune.

This isn't a fortune but $20,000 sure would help me out!

Have you ever heard of a star note?

A star note is a duplicate banknote that is reprinted to replace a faulty or damaged bill. The star is added to the original serial number as a control measure so authorities can keep track of exactly how much money is printed.

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How does this benefit us? 

Well, there may be twin bills out there that are very valuable! The original bill may still be in circulation! Yes, two of the same serial number bills! So for starters look at your dollar bills, is there a star at the end of your serial number?

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The 2013 batch has the best odds of finding a star note.  That one bill alone can be valued at $30.00.  Now, if you find a star note in your hands, you can go on the internet and find its twin! You read that correctly, you may find the exact matching bill on the internet!

The value at that point becomes upwards of $20,000 for the pair!

People post the star notes they find looking for their twins. Now if you find the person that holds the twin of your bill, that’s a nice way to increase their value. You and that person can now pair up and split the value of your bills!

So you are very welcome. I didn't make you dump your change jars this time, just opening your wallet and looking at all your singles can increase your wealth this season.

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