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We have our very own cheater here in Alabama, so says the polygraph test.

Cullman Daily news fishing cheat
Cullman Daily news fishing cheat

We aren't alone in a recent streak of cheats in fishing tournaments.

In a recent fishing tournament, some competitors resorted to cheating by dishonestly altering their catches. Rather than relying on skill and luck, these individuals were caught red-handed stuffing weights into their fish to make them heavier than they actually were. This deceitful tactic gave them an unfair advantage over honest participants.

Warning video contains mature language..

When the cheaters were caught in the act, they faced serious consequences. They were immediately disqualified from the tournament, stripped of any prizes they may have won, Possible criminal charges and likely face backlash from the fishing community. Cheating tarnishes the reputation of both the individuals involved and the tournament itself, serving as a reminder that dishonesty never pays off in the end.

Recently here in Alabama, Cullman Daily posted about Tyler Wesley...

"Tyler Wesley, a local fisherman who go was disqualified from the Temple Baptist Bass Tournament last year, failed another polygraph test at a recent tournament on Lake Mitchell.
Cullman Daily news fishing cheat
Cullman Daily news fishing cheat

He had won the tournament, before a tip was given to the tournament director. Wesley, along with his partner, were then required to take the test and both failed. In many bigger fishing tournaments, it is common practice for directors can require a polygraph if cheating is suspected."

Some people showed support
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Chris Mote said..

How did he cheat? What is the proof besides the test? I probably would fail that test even if I didn’t catch a fish just from knowing I had to take it because people accused me of something! So tell us what did he do?
Diane Burns said...

What was the polygraph for Cheating then prove he cheated... taking a polygraph over cheating big dummy should've known... I would question that... I seen fisherman cheat & they cut the fish to prove it & there were stuffing fish with weights...nice fish but don't cheat...
Some people didnt

Whitney Dougherty

If he was disqualified last year for this same thing, then he should have been banned from playing in other tournaments if he is known for this. My opinion.

Larry Havens

Real simple fix, just do t allow him to fish any tournaments!

Kerrie Wigley

They are all gone lie about how big the one that got away was what's the difference a sin is a sin right.

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