How have I NEVER heard of this before?

yes, I said cocaine!


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This makes me wonder how many people have possibly failed a drug test and it may be because of their diet, not actual drug use…Is that possible? I mean, they always say you are what you eat.  We know that almost every party will have this dish on the table.

Facebook via The Shimp Basket
Facebook via The Shimp Basket

Whether it’s during cocktail hour or the main course, people love shrimp! Shrimp is such a versatile stable in so many kitchens. From appetizers and beyond, shrimp is a food Alabamians love!

So why should we be concerned about our shrimp? Scientists have found that the shrimp we love has tested positive for cocaine! Yes, you read that correctly… Shrimp testing positive for cocaine.  So how is that possible? I don’t think they are voluntarily crawling around the ocean floor hosting raves and partying like it’s the 70s.  Jokes aside, how does this happen?

Scientists say that water overflow may be responsible for the contamination of our shrimp.  Is that the only substance found in shrimp?  No, cocaine is not the only substance.  Lidocaine, ketamine, tramadol, and a variety of pesticides.  That’s a whole lot of extra ingredients in those tiny shrimp, yet not one recipe calls for those ingredients! So, in my opinion, if you find yourself enjoying some shrimp a little too much, just say no!

Alabama Fish Consumption Advisories for West Alabama

Gallery Credit: Mary K

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