95.3 The Christmas Bear surprised Beth Ethridge of Adger with $1,000 today thanks to her co-worker.  2016 has been a hard year and we wanted to help her family.  Beth and Jessica work together at Cumberland Dental inside University Mall, and Jessica nominated Beth to receive a Heartwarming Holiday wish, sharing the story of the Ethridge family’s recent hardships:

I have worked with Beth for over 7 years now, and her husband has been battling Stage 3 colon cancer since February, and after 6 months of chemo treatment, his cancer has spread further. While he’s been sick, she’s been the sole breadwinner for the family, and they have barely been making ends meet. Every xray is $300 copay, the yearly deductible is $2000, plus the portion of treatment that insurance didn’t cover. I want the family to have a nice Christmas with all the presents they can’t afford.