Okay, so some of us do talk a little funny in Alabama. You should meet my family. Maybe it's the twang or our sexy southern accents. Some of us are just plain country. Could just be a southern thang (thing).

I took to Facebook and ask “what words do you or someone you know mispronounce”. You’ve probly (probably) say or have heard someone say these:

Warsh instead of wash. Welcome to Walker County.

The Red Lobster has really good salmon. Not to be confused with sammon.

I can not say Worcestershire Sauce. Woocesterashire. Worshesher. Woostashier. Just give me A 1.

I’m so flustrated (frustrated). Trying to order Woostasheer Sauce.

Jew-ry instead of jewelry. She loves to shop at Hudson Poole Jew-ry.

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Now that we have the internets (internet) I don’t need the libary (library).

Every payday you’ll find me at the Walmark (Walmart). Probly buying Wooshooshesher Sauce. My daddy always said stastitics (statistics).

Did you hear that noise? It sounded like a bum (bomb) went off.

Pecan not pee-can. This one drives me crazy.

Supposably (supposedly). Have you ever been told something is located on the coner (corner)?

Pacific instead of specific.

Specific instead of Pacific.

Mitsubishi not Mitsubitchi.

She looks like she drives a Mitsubitchy.

Do you like mayernaise (mayonnaise) on your sammich (sandwich)?

I always eat a big brakefast (breakfast).

Do you know anybody that works at the Goodrich tar (tire) plant?

I’m selling my house. Do you know a good realator (realtor)?

Can I ax (ask) you a question?

My G-Ma said chester drawers, instead of chest of drawers.

I love that Chinese boofet (buffet).

And of course, there’s Awbarn (Auburn). Of course, we do that on purpose.

So what if we have our own language down here. Sure beats that Boston accent.

Row Tie y’all!

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