"There is just something about a record spinning on a turntable that I've missed" says Wild Bill.  This week 95.3 The Bear started playing "old school" records like the old days.

Listen at 5:15pm today for some popping and scratching sounds on the Wild Bill Show.  "I have an old record collection that features lots of old school hits from Motown to Country" said WB as he cleaned a 1973 Jim Croce 45 featuring the old love song "Alabama Rain."

"I believe many will love the old Analog sound" says Wild Bill.  "Analog Sound" means that there is a continuous signal in which the varying part of the signal is a representation of another time-varying quantity. Basically, the groove of a vinyl record is like a drawing of the sound wave in a single continuous line through the entire side.

"Put the needle on the record!  Put the needle on the record!  I'm very excited about Vinyl Back on Tuscaloosa Radio again!"     -Wild Bill




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