"Wild Bill Bear" shown here dressed as Bear Bryant with his wife Shea, an injured football player.  Shea broke her ACL and Medial Meniscus and had surgery last week and dressed up for Halloween to make the best of a bad situation.  :)

A special thanks to Professional Physical Therapy's Stewart Atkins for helping this injured Bama Player with her painful rehab.  Wild Bill Bear says, "My wife is my best friend, and she has smiled thru lots of yucky moments here lately and we just wanted to have some fun today!"

Shea will not be ready for contact vs LSU on Saturday when the Tide travels to Baton Rouge according to Dr Tosh Atkins.  Wild Bill Bear says, "not having Shea on the field will hurt the overall looks of the team cause in my opinion, she's the prettiest player we've got!"  Please say a prayer for Shea's quick recovery and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Wild Bear with his wife Shea Happy Halloween
Wild Bear with his wife Shea Happy Halloween

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