Today's Wild Bill Show features the Oak Ridge Boys who are coming to Alabama this weekend.  (Friday in Dothan/Saturday in Birmingham) It all started in the 1940's, when a Knoxville, Tennessee group began performing gospel songs in nearby Oak Ridge, Tennessee. (the home of an atomic bomb research facility in the 40's)

The "Oaks" as some call em, started life as a gospel quartet and at the height of their popularity in the late '70s and early '80s -- they crossed over to the pop charts -- their sound always remained deeply rooted in country gospel harmony according to

Wild Bill says, "This is NOT AN INTERVIEW!  I'm viewing today as a Audition!!!  I wanna be a dang Oak Ridge Boy!"  (umm boppa, umm boppa, Mow, Mow)

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William Lee Golden
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

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