You've walked by the room in the airport, the one where they keep the baqgage that is isn't claimed off the carousel.   You ever wonder what happens if no one claims a bag?  Who would really leave their bag and not come back for it?

It turns out less than 1% don't claim their bags and that comes out to about 7000 items a day, and they end up in Scottsboro, Alabama.  Scottsboro is in the northeast corner of the state, and it's the home of the Unclaimed Baggage Center, the only place in the U.S. that buys and resells unclaimed luggage from the airline industry.

According to, more than a million people visit the store every year from all 50 states and up to 50 foreign countries.  Most of the items goes up for sale on the retail floor, but more than a quarter of the items the center receives end up being donated or repurposed for people in need.  Obviously there are rarely two of the same item available, and no, you can't shop for anything online.

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