So look, I love being warm as much as the next guy, but this is getting a little silly.

Weather in Alabama is about as predictable as Auburn football, which is to say I have no clue on how it works or why it is the way it is. But I digress.

How come in Alabama we have one week of cool weather with jackets needed and beanies worn all over the place and then the next week I'm sweating it out begging for a breeze to help me cool off?

Am I the only one wondering if Mother Nature is ok? I know we live in Alabama, but this isn't Florida! By this time in October, I'm at least expecting to crunch some leaves and see my breath now and again. Not wondering if wearing a sweatshirt to work means when I try to go get food I won't look weird wearing it in public place!

I remember last Friday night when I walked outside leaving the wearing a windbreaker and I was immediately hit with the "oh no it's cold and I'm underdressed" thought.

I want to at least see the leaves change color before the end of October, because it definitely helps with the spooky vibe for Halloween too! So who do I ask to help with the cooldown here?

Do I actually find a way to talk to mother nature? Or should I stick with reality and go ask the weatherman whose rarely wrong James Spann? I want to actually turn on my heater and actually keep it on it heat!

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