You thought you were crazy because you were sure you saw a Christmas Tree walking around campus...uh, you're not crazy.  It's true.

University of Alabama student Kelsey Hall is wearing a Christmas tree costume to class because she lost a Twitter bet. She posted a picture of herself in the costume before telling her Twitter followers that she would wear it for the rest of the semester if the picture was shared a thousand times.

Kelsey told People “I definitely did not think I would get 1,000 retweets, I thought it was a very unrealistic number—the most retweets I have ever got before was, maybe, five. When the retweets were coming in I was shocked! I had 12 yesterday morning and somehow hit 1,000 by the end of the night! At least I didn’t post it last week because now I only have a week of classes left. When I first got on campus I was pretty nervous and I didn’t know how my teachers would react. I went through with it because I know everyone is going through a tough time with finals coming up and hopefully, I could bring some Christmas cheer to my classmates!”

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