Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox recently suffered a broken leg, and we here at The Steve Shannon Morning Show couldn't stand the thought of our favorite Mayor in pain, so we had to brighten his day!

Lena Paradiso/TSM
Lena Paradiso/TSM

We sent our interns, Lena and Michael, to City Hall this morning to surprise the mayor with a special get-well surprise. We brought a card, a cupcake, and a bunch of balloons and had Lena and Michael recite a poem we wrote for our pal Walt.

Unfortunately, Mayor Maddox wasn't in the office yet (he's changed his schedule a bit to give his leg more time to heal), but the Interns were able to greet Heather and make HER day. We can't wait to share this video with y'all, so check it out!

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