The Alabama football experience has become much more than practices, games, and classes.

The program, under the guidance of Nick Saban, has made it a point to reinvest in the student-athletes by improving amenities, facilities, nutrition, and more. One thing that has become an integral part of fall camp every year is guest speakers. ESPN's series 'Training Days' gave fans a little look at Kobe Bryant's visit to Tuscaloosa, which might have been the biggest name to come through, but there are always a handful of different guests that bring a unique message to the team.

One of those this year was entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. You might not recognize the name, but he has one of the largest followings on social media thanks to his motivational messages and no-nonsense hustle. Thankfully for us, his team filmed the entire speech he gave to Alabama in early August and just published the video on his YouTube channel.

It's provides fans a great opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see what one of these visits is really like. Plus, there are some outstanding messages in this video that we can all take something away from. You might not be able to watch it all in one sitting because it's 41 minutes long, but it's worth setting aside some time to finish it.

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