Alabama head coach Nick Saban turned a mid-August press conference into something fans might see in mid-October when he got animated talking to reporters on Wednesday night.

Nearly halfway through fall camp, Saban used his post-practice press conference to send a message to his team after a hot and humid afternoon affected some of his players' performance on the field.

But that was just the beginning. Saban also made his usual point about preseason hype and expectations by pointing out that this team hasn't proven anything yet. He called out media for making predictions and asked why they even play the games if the outcomes are already known.

Possibly the most entertaining part of the back-and-forth was a question about freshman wide receiver Devonta Smith, who has been featured in practice highlights tweeted out from the Alabama Football account on Twitter like the one below.

Saban, a staunch controller of information coming out of the program, perked up immediately upon hearing the question. He turned to look at his media relations liason to find out what video leaked and where it came from, to which he was quickly informed that it was just highlights and not raw practice video.

Wednesday's press conference is definitely a sign that the season is quickly approaching. Alabama will scrimmage Saturday for the second time and then we'll be under two weeks until the season opens.

Watch Saban's entire press conference in the video at the top of the page.

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