UPDATE  August 19 @ 10:00- Deputy Vaughn with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Department was on his way to Vance to meet with the homeowner  (not the tenants who abandoned the animals) about releasing them to Animal Control.

UPDATE August 19 @ 11:51: Picture gallery of the animals below.

Some paragon of humanity moved from their home in Vance, Alabama leaving behind almost forty cats, including a litter of kittens and an elderly dog that appears near death.

After discovering the abandoned animals, Shonda Wittke spent much of the first day trying to remove the infection matting the kittens eyes and preventing them from opening. One cat appears pregnant while another is missing an ear but the pictures she will send later today will reveal a more ghastly scene than you could dream.

Shonda discovered the animals in the home next door and launched a valiant effort to feed and care for them, but as you can imagine, the task is a daunting one for one person. She filed a report with the sheriff and reached out to several animal rescue organizations, but so far, relief hasn't come for her or these poor creatures.

Until now.

As is the case in so many instances, righting this wrong is up to regular folks like us.

Let's do this. You can reach out to Shonda through Facebook or you can email me at kimberly@953thebear.com.