Three words that no one wants to be asked.

Are You Guilty?

Well, some Alabama laws might surprise you. Call them bizarre or archaic laws, but they exist in the Yellowhammer State.  Some could even land you in jail.

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Let’s talk about jail. Let me make one thing crystal clear from the get-go—I am absolutely not jail material, no way, no how. You see, first and foremost, the whole "wearing orange" situation is a complete fashion disaster for us fluffy gals. Let's not even get started on the prospect of snoozing on an uncomfortable bed—that's a hard pass from me.

So, in the interest of my comfort and style, I'll be sticking to the straight and narrow as a law-abiding citizen; thank you very much!

Confession Time

I might have a slight tendency to embrace the thrill of going 5 to 7 (maybe 10) miles over the speed limit because life's all about living on the edge, right? But, let's entertain this thought for a moment: if, by some quirk of fate, I were to find myself pondering the accommodations of a correctional facility, the pressing question arises—do they even allow CPAP machines in jail?

I mean, can you imagine the snoring symphony in there?

My need for a good night’s sleep outweighs the speed fact. So, I’ll drive in the far-right lane and let you risk-takers have all the fun.

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All jokes aside, some laws in Alabama make ZERO sense. Listen, you might be breaking one RIGHT NOW! Here are the top 13 from Only In Your State.

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13 Insane Alabama Laws You Probably Broke Today

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