An interesting article on lists the 9 Alabama cities with the most UFO sightings.

A link directed me to the National UFO Reporting center which featured the following submission:

'A ball of white light moved at speeds and directions unlike familiar air crafts above the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

(The diagrams and pictures provided are not from the actual event. Just images to help with explaining what I saw. The numbers in the pictures explain the path it took starting with 1.) I am a 30 year old male. I am in Alabama, vacationing at Gulf Shores.

I was playing volleyball on the beach with my family when I saw a ball of light move through the sky unlike any aircraft I've seen before. I was facing east around 8 p.m., and there was large storm clouds in that direction heading out to the gulf. Every five minutes or so there would be heat lightning or flashes of lighting that remained in the clouds. The lightning never made any sounds.

Just before a volley started in a game, my attention was drawn towards a ball of light that came out of the cloud. It did not make a sound. It was the size, brightness, and color of a planet being observed in the night sky. White in color and bright. The light emitted was consistent, unblinking.

The object started 200 yards away from me over the pink 7 or 8 story building, it was just below the clouds in height. It moved towards me to the west for about 100 yards, and was over the tan 7 to 8 story building. I pointed at it and told everyone to look. Everyone's attention was to the start of the game.

The object then changed direction back to west a 100 yards over the pink building, to the point I first saw it, and then dropped in elevation to what I'm guessing was about 100 feet. It immediately increased speed and elevation back into the clouds.

As it was in the clouds, the light it emitted was slightly blurred and then not visible. This all occurred in about five seconds. I saw it, paused, said "hey look at that", it manueverd [sic] away from our position, and was gone. I began to discuss what I saw with members of my family for about 10 minutes after the event.

At the end of that time, a military jet flew along the beach over our heads very loudly. This was the only time I heard a military jet during the six days I've been at the beach in Gulf Shores.'


I'm a born skeptic so I'm inclined to think the gentleman witnessed something related to the military.  We put a man on the moon so I can't see how aliens wouldn't see that as a threat and do something to reveal their existence by now. I mean, what are they waiting on? I just don't believe in them.

However, I do think there are a lot of unexplainable that happen every single day!